Serving Private Retail,Corporate,and Municipal Clients since 1987. Specializing in signs for onsite identity, advertising and information. we have experience with every sign type and the most effective use of each type for any project. How may we help you?

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Our Values

We take safety very seriously when it comes to our employees, the fleet, our products, service, and installation. When we are taking care of your brand identity; we also take care of your customers, your employees, and your place of business by ensuring that our products are installed properly. We have weekly safety meetings to discuss various topic trends, concerns with upcoming jobs and equipment maintenance. All our installation and service team members are OSHA 30 certified to ensure safety standards.

Effective communication is a vital component in project management, especially when collaborating with different teams of people to collaborate on one project. Communicating through all the steps allows the projects to progress smoothly and on time. It ensures team members are aligned on project goals and understand exactly what is expected of them. We intend to build trust, so everyone works better together from project start to project finish. In doing so, you, the customer, get exactly what you were hoping for in your signage.

We know that signage is not cheap, but being part of a community is important. As a company, City Lights has been in business in Seattle for over three decades. We hope to help with your brand identity and make the process as painless as possible. We strive to be transparent, efficient, and meet every commitment. This means that our products and services work correctly, when there is an issue we solve it, and we help you add value to your brand. We understand these types of commitments and honor them at all costs. In other words, if there is a problem and it is our fault, we wont bill you to fix it. We hope we can show you why so many still come to us for over 30 years for all their signage and outline lighting needs.